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Redd counting Only a partial redd count (due to the coloured state of the water) was done this year by ourselves the FPWDFA. There were 159 redds counted, 113 of them were above Louds Mill and also there was a salmon and redd above Notton. This illustrates that spawning stock have free passage to the […]


NEWSLETTER – April 2018 AGM 2018 Our annual AGM will be at 6.30pm on Friday 20st April 2018 at the River Laboratory, East Stoke, Dorset. I do hope everyone can come. There will be buffet and refreshments. A small donation of £5 or more would be gratefully accepted to help to cover the cost. Dr […]


Spring 2017-AGM On the 21st April we held our 2017 AGM at East Stoke. Thank you all for a great turnout and the opportunity to enjoy feedback with regards our work and projects. It was agreed membership subs have had to go up for the first time in almost a decade due to increases in […]