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River Frome & River Piddle Redd Counts 2011/12

Salmonid spawning takes place in the late autumn and winter. Migratory salmonids such as salmon and sea trout migrate upstream to spawn in their favoured locations in rivers and streams, and bury their eggs in depressions in the gravel created by kicking the gravel up with their tails. These areas are called redds and are […]

Frome & Piddle Catchment Initiative – Launch Invite

In support of the Government’s recent drive to encourage partnership delivery of environmental improvements, Wessex Water has offered to host a trial initiative to improve the health of rivers and groundwater in the Frome & Piddle catchments in Dorset. A key focus for the initiative is working collaboratively with relevant organisations to achieve mutually beneficial […]

Salmon spawning on Dorchester’s Mill Stream

Salmon have given the ultimate seal of approval to Dorchester’s recently enhanced Mill Stream, as they returned to the River Frome for the annual winter spawning.  This month’s survey of salmon ‘redds’ or nest sites found they had more than doubled in the 450m stretch where work was carried out last summer by Dorset Wildlife […]