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An Epic Migration

At the Trust’s Salmon and Trout Research Centre on the River Frome, near Wareham in Dorset, every spring, scientists catch and tag young salmon (smolts) as they swim down river and go out to sea through Poole Harbour. Follow this link for an epic story of one of the salmon that was tagged in 2008 […]

Netting Poole Harbour

This week Charles, Luke and I went out into Poole harbour with the nets man who is responsible for the Salmon and Sea trout tagging program, in partnership with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust As always in this line of work there is always something else to learn, we headed down the Frome into Poole […]

The Wild Salmon Research Appeal

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust has just launched it’s Wild Salmon Research Appeal. For more details and how you can donate on-line, please visit their website