Netting Agreement Reached in Poole Harbour

New netting agreement reached in Poole Harbour. All sea trout to be tagged and released. This is part of the East Stoke Sea Trout Conservation project. From now on ALL salmon and sea trout will be returned ALIVE to the Frome and Piddle Estuaries.

12lb Sea Trout
The Association encourages the voluntary “catch and release” of all sea trout,
especially over 6 (six) pounds.

To all anglers, this is what the Research Tag looks like.

Please return the tag to William Beaumont, as below, with your full details and All the details of where the fish was caught, size and date.

The FP&WDFA will be give a REWARD for all returned tag.
Please return to the river all sea trout alive, unless you are really hungry!
W R C Beaumont
Senior Fisheries Scientist
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Salmon & Trout Research Centre
East Stoke, Wareham
Dorset. BH20 6BB
Tel 01929 401894