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Riverfly Group

It’s been in the pipeline for far to long, but yesterday on the warmest day of the spring so far, we had our first Riverfly get together.

A great turn out of caring fisher persons prepared to give up their own valuable time to learn how to monitor water quality by looking at the invertebrate population.

We held this workshop on a small part of the river Piddle, and demonstrated a timed three minute kick sample to collect your invertebrates, then how to wash, identify and record the various species that we found.

It was great to have a committed group form, and we will be sampling sites both on the Frome and Piddle on a regular basis, sites such as up stream and down stream of sewage works, cress beds, farms, and quarries and all results will be shared with the Environment Agency.

I am pleased to say that we have our first meeting booked for Sunday 18th April 10am at the Dorset Wildlife HQ just outside of Dorchester.

We hope to put various sampling sites on the map for the Frome and the Piddle and hopefully come up with a rota, if you have any areas that you are concerned about please let us know.

If you know of any more helping hands please bring them along and please get in touch and join in……

> Location map