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Netting Poole Harbour

This week Charles, Luke and I went out into Poole harbour with the nets man who is responsible for the Salmon and Sea trout tagging program, in partnership with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

As always in this line of work there is always something else to learn, we headed down the Frome into Poole harbour, passing where the Piddle comes in, the scenery was absolutly stunning, and the wild life was amasing, what a valuable ecosystem.

As we went about our work, we heard, and discussed in great detail the on going poaching problem in Poole harbour, and more disturbing than the poaching is the fact that NOTHING is being done to protect our dwindling Salmon stocks……………….

The window on each tide for netting is about 15 minuites, slightly longer on the neap tides, could the areas at risk of poaching be watched during these short spells of slack water, apparently not!

Please email the Chairman if you have any comments on this subject

Vice Chairman
John Aplin