Newsletter – March 2017

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AGM 2017

Our annual AGM will be at 6.30pm on Friday 21st April at the River Laboratory, East Stoke, Dorset. I do hope everyone can come. There will be buffet and refreshments. A small donation of £5 or more would be gratefully accepted to help to cover the cost. There will be a guest speaker of great interest.


AGM 2016 and Donor’s day

In April we had a very successful donor’s day, where everyone got a guided tour of the fish passes installed over the last decade. This included presentations afterwards in the village hall at Frampton on the River Frome.

In the evening we held our annual AGM and had a great presentation from our guest speaker Bruce Stockley from the Westcountry Rivers Trust. The chairman’s report highlighted the great steps in achieving the completion of the fish passes and also the continued research in counting salmon at East Stoke, salmon redds and catch records from the netsman. Rodger Furness illustrated South West Rivers Association’s hard efforts in negotiating netting arrangements.


North Fish Pass

At the end Charles Dutton stood down to be vice-chairman, Richard Slocock retired from vice-chairman and Dominic Stubbing took the role as chairman.


Our views have been expressed by letter to the Purbeck Plan with special reference to the proposed plan for homes in Wool.

Win Win Project

The project on the River Win has now started. The main aim is to get everyone with interests in the health of the catchment to work together. This has met with some slight changes to tillage practice to try and reduces sediment run-off. Monitoring is a key objective and £10k is being sought by the project group to do this. A start has been made with the training of some locals in river fly monitoring skills.

Monitoring Fly Life

Monitoring Fly Life

Poole Harbour Catchment Committee

Our presence on the Poole Harbour Catchment Committee is being developed. They have been behind a push to encourage farmers towards best practice, especially where maize growing is concerned.

Cover Crops

Cover Crops

A project guided by the group is now looking to train parish based flood warden volunteers with skills to identify sediment erosion problems.

Sediment Erosion

Sediment Erosion

The National Trust our now looking to lead the way in conservation measures built into farm practice.

Dorset County Council are looking at using ‘wetting up’ flood prevention at the top of the Piddle to prevent a local flood risk.