NEWSLETTER – April 2018

AGM 2018

Our annual AGM will be at 6.30pm on Friday 20st April 2018 at the River Laboratory, East Stoke, Dorset. I do hope everyone can come. There will be buffet and refreshments. A small donation of £5 or more would be gratefully accepted to help to cover the cost. Dr Josie Pegg will be speaking on alien species control and Dr Rasmus Lauridsen will speaking on salmon parr in the Frome.

Member subs- If you have not already, could you please increase you subs to current level. Please ask you banks, or do it online, to increase your standing order to Frome, Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association to £20  ASAP, thank you.

Frome, Piddle &West Dorset Fisheries Association internet based news

Our website is now being used in full. Please see our projects section for work past and present. The initiatives section now has some R&D insights. Our complete set of information guides in the left tab and are very useful.


We can expect regular news briefs. Please send us an email to request alerts if you have not in the past. The news will appear as links on the Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Twitter and Facebook. So please sign up to those for all their other information. They all so have angling sites as follows:


Sea trout project-SAMARCH

This is a brilliantly interesting project the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust are leading in with over the English channel collaborations.  In biology terms the sea stage of sea trout will be understood like it has not before. Long overdue, but due to the complicated nature of study, finally we can all pull together to discover some of the sea trout’s secrets. See link in our projects section.

We have great pleasure in helping them with a key part of the project. This means looking out for sea trout with a bright tag in the top dorsal of the fish and keeping the fish. Check all captures please. For all information including REWARD see link in projects section.






















Citizen Science Investigations (CSI)

Please take note of this project shown in our project list on our website. Our fund holding charity The Westcountry Rivers Trust has a brilliant web-based system with user friendly map to collect and present citizen collected data. Please get involved; instructions and forms can be found on their website (follow this websites link in project tab).

The main aim is to collect information on catchment based environmental issues. This encompasses many common environmental issues such as plant encroachments, pollution, muddy water washings, fly tipping, animal observations, bird counts, insect and fish numbers, etc.

Salmonind redds counts have been collected this winter 2018 along side other field observations as above. Rivers were high and counts were limited to between spates, and results are pending. Other members have been monitoring aquatic insects. This is a holistic fast track system of feedback in environmental issues to the authorities.



























Poole Harbour Catchment Committee

Our presence on the Poole Harbour Catchment Committee is being developed to bridge the benefits of cover crops to reduced siltation of salmon redds. Wessex water have been behind a push to encourage farmers towards best practice, especially where maize growing is concerned. The Win Win Project on the River Win has met with some quite big scale implementation of cover crops. There has been training of some locals in river fly monitoring skills and data collected regularly.

Other trials have been started with a new seed drill to start cover crops earlier in the maize growing cycle. Also double seeding has been trialled. The results of some have been brilliant as seen in photo where strip grazing has been possible in April. This crop was grazed in January as well.























Our views have been expressed by letter to the Local Plans through Dorset with special reference to the encroachment of Dorset’s conurbation our way, Wimborne’s edge of town development shown in photo. Sub-urban sprawl is fast evolving and concreting our river basins and green fields that hold our wildlife. Comment on other land use threats have been made. Objection to Poole bay oil rig exploration has been put in.














Tree management-2017

At the very beginning of 2017 a range of sites on the rivers Bride, Frome and Piddle were targeted for limbing up and long reaches of hingeing tree work.  We worked with the fisheries employees to deliverer over 5km of extensive work. This was done as the areas were in need of opening up for light and fishing as well as instream branch habitat creation. This helps prevent tree falls and bank erosion. Please see poster in projects section of website for more information.