River Frome

Rev. Filleul's 12 3/4lb Brown Trout

The Frome’s high quality chalkstream water has resulted in world famous brown trout fishing and at one time the river also held the British sea trout record and dry fly brown trout record.

As well as fish, the Frome has played host to many legendary people. Famous visiting anglers such as Frederick Halford, George Selwyn Marryat and Roderick Haig–Brown all enjoyed the wonders of the Frome, many inventing their own flies which have now become famous – The Pope’s Nondescript and Tups Indispensible to name but two.

Notable local anglers such as the Hon. Aylmer Tryon and R.C. Hardy–Corfe accounted for many very large salmon and sea trout, up to 48lbs and 22lb respectively.

The river has also inspired many writers and artists over the years. Both William Barnes and Thomas Hardy loved the Frome – Hardy used Woolbridge Manor, near the Bindon Hatches as a setting in one of his novels. Jonathan Fry of Corfe Castle often painted the river and water meadows.

Details about the river system
The catchment lies entirely within the county of Dorset. Along its length, the main river is joined by several important tributaries above Dorchester, such as the Wraxall Brook, the river Hooke, the Sydling Water and the river Cerne.  Below Dorchester, the Win, the South Winterbourne and the Tadnoll Brook.

In the upper reaches the geology is dominated by chalk, the major aquifer. The middle reaches have a braided network of channels, many are relics of historic water meadow systems, mostly now abandoned. The lower reaches meander slowly through water meadows and some acid heathland. Much of this upper catchment falls within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), whilst the river below Dorchester is a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

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