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Saving Our Rivers

The FP&WDFA is a vibrant and active organisation concentrating on the rivers of Dorset; working to achieve its aims in conjunction with other groups, including The Salmon and Trout Research Centre of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust at East Stoke, The Atlantic Salmon Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust & Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.

In addition to those who actually fish these rivers our membership includes conservationists and those with an interest in our rivers. We believe that clean rivers with healthy native fish stocks and other wildlife are the best proof of a healthy environment.

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The FP&WDFA provides a forum for the exchange of views, the dissemination of information via meetings, newsletters and our website, promoting good river management. A strong association membership can exert greater pressure to achieve our goals.
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Below is the latest news blog on what's happening in and around our rivers, if you have any news that you would like published, please email it to the

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News Letter 2016

Please find attached Newsletter for January 2016.

Newsletter January 2016 – Part 1

Newsletter January 2016 – Part 2

10 Hatches, Dorchester

Fungas Infected salmon

You may be aware that we have seen a number of incidences of heavy fungal infections on salmon, sea trout and brown across a range of different rivers over the last few months. These have been particularly severe in the South West and have led to mortalities of fish in some cases. The attached picture gives you an idea of the type of fungal infection we are seeing.

Nationally we are establishing a picture of the extent of these outbreaks and I wanted to check with you that we have not seen any similarly infected fish on the Frome and Piddle? From the information that I have we haven’t seen any fungal infections as severe or widespread as those seen on other rivers.

A quick response one way or another would be appreciate as the information is needed by National colleagues and the end of next week.

Kind regards
Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist
Wessex (Blandford)
01258 483324

Environment Agency
Rivers House
Sunrise Business Park
Blandford Forum
DT11 8ST

Saving Salmo Salar, the King of Fish

The state of the wild Atlantic Salmon

More important than a food source or as a sport fish, the Atlantic salmon is deeply engrained in the culture of every country it has inhabited.
There was a time when communities were reliant on these magnificent fish for their own survival but now the tables have turned and we need to save them from the very real threat of extinction.
In some North American, Norwegian and Scottish rivers the rate of their demise has worsened significantly in the past few years and immediate action needs to be taken to halt this rapid decline.
The North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) strives to find effective practical solutions, where possible, to help conserve stocks by establishing and maintaining commercial fishing agreements to eliminate netting at sea and addressing the management of salmon in freshwater.
Read Saving Salmo Salar, the King of Fish in the Huffington Post article:

Can you help?
NASF, the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, is an international coalition of voluntary private sector conservation groups who have come together to restore stocks of wild Atlantic salmon to their historic abundance. To discover more about the work of the NASF please contact Orri Vigfússon by email or visit the website